“One who holds a true belief without intelligence is just like a blind man who happens to take the right road” -Plato, Republic, Book VI

For those posts allowing comments, the policy is fairly lenient. Avoid generally offensive language, keep your tomfoolery to a minimum, and try to stay on topic. If you have an observation, thoughtful refutation and/or otherwise meaningful contribution to make to the material presented here, please feel free to add it. We probably have much we could learn from each other.

However, if you are simply looking for an unrestricted platform from which to level your diatribes, cheap shots and otherwise unintelligible foaming-at-the-mouth rants against organized religion, Protestant Christianity or Christian personages of illustrious standing, feel free to create your own blog where equally confused individuals can join you in the mire of irrationality.

Everyone has an “agenda,” and this blog exists to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the written word. This is most often compatible with debate and criticism from unsympathetic sources, but becomes somewhat impossible with participants who tend toward an intransigence bordering on derangement. Such troglodytes, trolls, kobolds, barbarians and other fantastic creatures of degenerate disposition will be banished without hesitation.

Commenting here is ultimately a privilege, not a right. Seek to emulate Eagle Scout and we will get along just fine. Play the part of Ferrous Cranus, Artful Dodger or Ego, and you might find my patience quickly depleted.

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